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Crafty Cards

Crafty Cards

Cards for all occasions

Our Crafty Cards group create handmade cards with materials from old recycled cards.

We make cards for all occasions and even take requests for personal creations.

Funding Our Fun

Our cards help to pay for activities

The cards we make are sold from Evolve and from other local shops who would like to stock them.
All profits go towards things such as day trips or parties and we keep track of our goals with our sales thermometer. 



Donate your old cards

If you have unwanted greeting cards taking up space, bring them down to us to recycle into new cards.

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Sell Our Cards

Want to stock our cards?

We have a few local shops and cafés that we have visited who stock our cards to help us sell them.
If you own a shop and would like to stock our cards, get in contact with us.

Every card we sell brings us closer to our goals and helps to fund our activities.

For more information contact us on 
01633 863957 or

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