Evolve Article in Torfaen Talks

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Torfaen Talks Evolve - August Edition 2013

Cwmbran-based social enterprise is offering employment opportunities for local people who are disadvantaged within the labour market.

Since its creation last year, Evolve has gained packing contract that enables it to offer part-time employment to local people. Prospective employees are encouraged to visit the enterprise and ‘tryout’ the job before applying. This allows candidates to meet the team and experience the working environment.

Employment contracts are flexible. starting with just two hours per week and building up slowly to suit the individual.

John Davis, who has been working at Evolve for three months. praised the scheme:

This job has been a lifeline. I was at home vegetating I thought I had come to the end of my working life.

Dawn Mahoney spreads her hours over three days and has found it very beneficial:

Being able to work flexible hours in a relaxed atmosphere helps my depression and anxiety. I enjoy every day, plus I get paid.


You can view download a PDF version from the Torfaen website