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About us what we do at EvolveAbout Us

In March 2012 Liz Betteridge formed Evolve, a not for profit organisation for people with learning disabilities, that is committed to providing an innovative and progressive service.

Since 1992 we have worked with people with learning disabilities to increase their independence and opportunities within the community. Liz has undertaken this role within the public and private sector.

Supporting Liz in her role is a board of trustees that have vast experience and are proactive in promoting the vision of Evolve. The Trust board are forward thinking and resourceful, assisting Liz to build the service in response to service user’s needs.

Liz has recruited a dynamic and diverse team who aim to inspire and support service users to have more control over their life decisions and achieve maximum independence. Evolve is committed to ensuring all staff are trained appropriately for the activities they provide thus ensuring their ability to provide a quality service.